The Global Journals Portal contains 150 journals indexed with the term "Decolonization" (“Decolonisation” in French). This encompassing designation includes publications that have contributed, through reflections or organizational efforts, to various processes of political, economic or cultural decolonization over two centuries. In this sense, they take part in concrete movements for political emancipation as well as in the development of postcolonial cultures and identities.

In the first place, they correspond to a wide variety of struggles for emancipation, from the proclamation of the first free black republic in Haiti (1804) and nineteenth century Ibero-American wars of independence, to the twentieth century process of decolonization in the Asian and African continents.

Second, this collection includes publications produced not only in contexts of societal destructuration or reorganization, but also in frames of perpetuation of political, economic and cultural domination systems. They developed critical discourses on colonial and postcolonial societies, and pointed out their hierarchies, contradictions and blind spots. Thus, through their reflective and cultural contributions, these journals highlighted the persistence of "coloniality", understood as the inseparable corollary of modernity.