Marxism, as a theory and a method for socio-economic analysis of history (Historical materialism), but also as a sensitivity channeling demands for justice in the face of growing inequalities in industrial countries, marked and supported projects, imaginaries and vocabularies of anti-colonialist movements during 19th and 20th centuries.

The Global Journals Portal inventories 80 extra-European and/or diasporic Marxist journals from around the world. They were not produced in the framework of regimes advocating forms of Marxism as official ideologies, but rather in contexts of material and intellectual organization against censorship and liberticidal constraints, in socioeconomic environments deteriorated by colonialist exploitation and by imperialist expansion. As privileged mediums for revolutionary and communist ideas’ circulation on an international scale, these journals bear witness to the global hold of Marxism in the structuring of struggles for political, economic and cultural decolonization.