The Global Journals Portal inventories 144 periodicals that were published in diasporic contexts. This is the only corpus in this database to include journals edited in Europe, and more specifically in Paris. It proceeds in part from the "Cultural periodicals and artistic circulations part 2: Seismography of struggles - Diasporas" research project, carried out within the Kandinsky Library (Paris, Centre Pompidou) in collaboration with the "Global History of art" research area at INHA. This work made it possible to identify critical and cultural diasporic journals published in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. The constituted corpus makes it possible to observe the cultural and artistic representations of the diasporas through the prism of independent journals and manifestos edited and printed by non-European intellectuals and artists.

Several axes emerge from this inventory, such as the prominent presence of Armenian publications in Paris in the first half of the twentieth century and an intellectual dynamic initiated in the 1890s against the preparation of the Armenian genocide of 1915. Kurdish journals compose another remarkable group, which shows the dispersion of political and cultural organizations in Western Asia and Northern Europe during the 20th century (with Berlin and Stockholm as privileged cities). The corpus also points to the presence of African student diasporas in Paris and their anti-colonial commitments, as well as the militant and syndicalist activity of groups of West Indian and Guyanese workers through cultural periodicals. Expanded on an international scale, this census bears witness to the instability of the shifting notion of “diaspora”, and to the need to think about the forms of cultural migration according to the diversity of diasporic “operators”: immigrant workers, international students, intellectuals and artists.


This database contains several collections of diasporic journals, including:


• 27 Armenian journals in France published from 1885 to the present day

• 27 Kurdish journals in Europe and Western Asia published between 1898 and 2001

• 20 African journals in France published between 1923 and 1985

• 17 Arabic journals around the world published between 1876 and 1983

• 10 Caribbean journals in France published between 1834 and 1992

• 9 Jewish journals published between 1868 and 1995

• 7 Indian journals in the world published between 1903 and 1949

• 4 Palestinian journals published from 1896 to the present day