Welcome to the Global Journals Portal. Here you'll find a census on 1000 non-European and/or diasporic critical and cultural periodicals, published in the aftermaths of the revolutionary movements at the end of the 18th century to the end of the two blocs world in 1989.

This site has been developed within the framework of the "Global art and cultural periodicals" program of the "Global History of Art" research area at the National Institute for History of Art (INHA) in Paris, France.  The INHA database  AGORHA offers a scientific inventory of the information contained in this portal.


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Journals are critical expression suports generating modernity at a global scale. They test artistic, litterary and political practices, and they decline themselves in experimentation laboratorys, writting workshops and political platforms.  Often ephemeral, emerging inside constraint spaces, they have allowed groups of intellectuals, artists and activists to produce thought archives and alternative narratives.


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