Actors' networks

The network is optimized only for tablets and computers (min. 768px)

This site offers digital visual instruments to exploit the data inventoried in the Global Art and Cultural Periodicals database. The aim is to explicit the way in which critical and cultural journals reflect the situated circulation of ideas and persons on a global scale. The actors’ networks map allows to visualize the links between the database’s journals and contributors. It is not a geographic, but a conceptual and relational map that spatializes these relationships. The green dots correspond to journals while the red dots correspond to people. The existing links are indicated by lines and underlie a certain spatial proximity; in addition, the dots’ sizes are affected by the amount of existing links. A click on a dot will isolate it in the map along with the other concerned dots, and a notice will appear indicating additional information on the concerned journal or person. In order to avoid cognitive biases, this conceptual map does not include the journals’ “edited authors”, that is to say actors who did not have (or for whom the sources do not confirm) an active role in the publication’s existence.


To create this network, which remains experimental and a proposal to navigate differently in the sismo resources, several tools were used :