Akwesasne Notes


Fr Akwesasne Notes
Fr Akwesasne News
Fr Where the Partridge Drums
Fr A Journal for Natives and Natural Peoples


Fr Vol. 16, n°4 : "“Akwesasne Notes” soutient les efforts de ceux qui réinvestissent leurs propres modalités de survie - leur culture."

Publishing location


Fr Mohawk Nation Council of Chiefs (Etats-Unis)
Fr Gambill, Jerry (Etats-Unis)
Fr Mohawk, John (Etats-Unis)
Fr Blue Cloud, Peter (Canada)
Fr George-Kanentiio, Douglas (Canada)
Fr Bonaparte, Darren
Fr Benedict, Sally M. K. (Etats-Unis)

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Date Issued

Fr 1969 - 1997



Fr 255376

Bibliographical references

Fr George-Kanentiio, Doug. "Akwesasne notes: How The mohawk nation created a newspaper and shaped contemporary Native America". In Wachsberger, Ken. Éd. Insider Histories of the Vietnam Era Underground Press, Part. 1. East Lansing : Michigan State University Press, 2011, p. 109-138.
Fr Johansen, Bruce E. Encyclopedia of the American Indian Movement. Santa Barbara ; Denver ; Oxford : Greenwood, 2013.

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